Bright hair colour that suits any types of hair

underneath hair colour before and after

Are you interested in getting bright color on your hair but also worried about the damage you might will get from bleaching?

Underneath hair colour could be the great option for you.

Bleaching damages your hair but if you use less bleach, your hair will get less damage.

Underneath hair colour is cute, cool, fashionable and damageless hair colour compared to whole bleach colour.

Here is my client got underneath hair colour.

Her hair type is fine and dry. We decided to do underneath colour instead of whole bleach hair colour not to damage her hair too much. 

Here is what we did.


underneath hair colour

Ends of her hair needs to be trimmed as it is getting longer and loosing the texture.

It is important to get rid of the damaged part before bleaching to keep the hair healthy and also to colour evenly as colour might reacts and turns out to different colour.

As you can see, we only bleached one third of her hair where the condition is a lot healthier than the rest of her hair.

She chose dark blue colour and it turned out really nice. 

When the wind blows, or tie her hair up, fringe and the colour on nape of her neck will be different hairstyle.

We chose ashy black for her base colour to tone down her faded ends that was getting little red.

It turned out to be a nice colour that matched her dark blue underneath colour.

Ashy black we used is a semi-permanent colour that fades gradually and will not bother lifting it when you lighten your hair colour in the future.

Dark blue will fade little by little and will be a colour similar to silver so she can enjoy the process of fading the colour.

One good point of having underneath colour is that it is a long lasting colour. You don’t have to worry about touching up the roots and you can change your colour over and over until you get bored with changing your hair colour.

If you want to try any bright colour without worrying about damaging your hair as much as whole bleaching hair colour, underneath colour could be your next option.

It is a long lasting hair colour and you can enjoy your hairstyle in many different ways. 

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