3 hairstyles to understand how to deal with wavy, curly and unruly hair

If your hair is wavy, curly or unruly hair, quickest way to find the hairstyle that looks good on you and easy to maintain is to choose the style that works good for wavy, curly or unruly hair and not to choose the hairstyles only work for straight hair. 

1.How to deal with your wavy, curly and unruly hair

There are types of curls but it differs depending on the head shape, the amount of hair or hair thickness.

And the condition changes depends on the season or the weather.

These 3 hairstyles below are the example of how my clients dealt with their wavy, curly and unruly hair by changing hairstyle.

I am going to explain what and how I suggested the hairstyle hearing their hair concerns and solving their hair issues.

unruly hair before

1ー1.Fine unruly hair with strong curls at the bottom of back head

longnaturallywavy① After

 【Hair concerns】

  • Receding hair
  • Fine hair
  • It dries and fluffs

【Requests】The style coves receding hair. Keep the length. Creating nice silhouette.

【Solution】Parting in the middle. Create round silhouette at the crown. keeps the length at bottom of back head.

Parting in the middle would probably solve the receding hair problem. You can cover that receding part with the hair at side.

His hair moves really nice after hand drying. So I cut his hair to give some volume at the crown that creates nice rounded silhouette which allows him style perfectly by just drying his hair by himself.

The length at the bottom of back head will blend even after the hair grows.  

1ー2.Curly from the roots

shortcurly② Aftet

【Hair concerns】

  • Receding hair
  • Crown of head is square
  • Difficult to style

【Requests】Covering receding hair and squared crown

【Solution】Shorten the sides. Making no part. Reducing the weight.

There are cases that parting in the middle doesn’t work for people have receding hair. That is when the crown is kind of square and hair is curly from the roots because the volume at the roots cause the hair fluffs and make the head look bigger and loose the silhouette. 

Making the style have no part and layering on top with the sides short up to the crown and tapering to the layered top keep the head shape nice and small.

Reason why people with unruly hair feel styling hair is difficult, it’s because the thickness or the density of their hair.

It’s not easy to apply the styling products roots to tip when the hair is thick and curly. 

Reducing enough weight and adjust the density of the hair is the key to style all wavy, curly and unruly hair.

1ー3.Thick strong wavy hair

shortwavy③ After

【Hair concerns】

  • Strong waves at face line
  • Thick hair
  • Hair fluffs
  • Dry hair

【Requests】Low maintenance hair with no fluffs and dryness.

【Solution】Short sides and long top hairstyle.

Making the space for each strands of strong wavy hair and reducing weight and texturizing to make the hair texture softer for strong wavy hair is very important to make the hairstyle look nice and low maintenance.

Once the hair is nicely texturized, hair will move many ways that you can style everyday different. 

You might be able to enjoy styling your hair more than ever using wax to style messy on top, or the gel and pomade to style formal.

Updating your hair style

Wavy hair, curly hair and unruly hair are never be the same.

I recommend everyone have these types of hair to get a chance to talk with your hairstylist about your hair concern, daily hair issues and how you want to look. And try new styles that works good for wavy, curly and unruly hair.

And keep exchanging the information about what you felt with the new style you tried. Remember how you felt when you style your hair, if it was easy or difficult to style, what made you feel difficult to style and how it looked after few weeks later.

That’s probably the easiest and quickest way to find the hairstyle suits you the best.


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