Before / After short haircuts

Before / After

If you want to change your look completely different or you want a hairstyle that is stylish and edgy or you want to change your life, cutting your hair short could probably be the answer for you.

I am showing you 3 different short hairstyles. 

  1. Short to short
  2. Medium to short
  3. Long to short

These 3 people have different hair texture and head shape. They all have different hair concerns.

I would like to say cutting hair short wouldn’t so challenging if hairstylist know enough about your hair because there is a short hairstyle that suits you.

All you need is to choose the one you like from them. 

Short to short

It’s been around 2 months since last time she had her hair cut and coloured.


Short to short before

When the colour at her ends start to fade, it gets dry and it can loose the shape.

We are cutting sides and the bottom of back head shorter leaving the volume at the crown to make the silhouette nice.


Short to short

When the hair weight has removed and texturized, it added body and movement to her hair.

short to short

Refreshed highlights also look good after getting rid of the ends.

Medium to short

It’s grown all over except the fringe that we made short last time.

We decided to keep the length of the fringe and cut the rest keeping the back tapered.


medium to short


Medium to short

Hairstyle is sharp and stylish when the weight point is higher.

Her long fringe that creates soft and feminine look balances overall hairstyle.

Chic and classy hairstyle.

Long to short

This was her first time to try short haistyle.

She has a large amount of thick hair. And weak unruly hair at the bottom of her back head.

Her hair will be short undercut bob.


Long to short


long to short

Undercut worked really good. If we kept little bit of length at the nape, she will struggle dealing with her unruly hair just about start to grow.

Hair will not be too boyish as long as there are some areas that is feminine which is the roundness at the back and long length at the front for her.

Long to short style

She will keep the shape of the back because the bottom of back head is very short.

By the time the hair at the bottom grows, hair at the top will be long enough to cover the bottom of back head.

Undercut is perfect for those who struggle with styling hair because of the hair at the bottom of back head.

This style is not just for people have soft straight hair.


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