This is exactly, why getting hair cut every 6 weeks is best for short hairstyles

Have you ever wondered how ladies with beautiful hair or guys with their hair shaped all the time, actually taking care of their hair?

Is that hair product they use? Or maybe they genetically have good hair that doesn’t need much to care?

Maybe both of them could be one of the reason. 

But more importantly, they keep their hair condition by having their hair cut regularly.

Let’s take a look at an example of my client with short hair.

 1. Short hair style

  • Short bob
  • Bob
  • Mini bob
  • Short layer
  • Gradual bob

Short hair needs a lot of work compared to medium or long hairstyles.

Short bob
A unique hair cut that her natural waves creates nice silhouette and movement.

short bob example

This style is after 7 weeks from the last hair cut.

Here are the 3 biggest changes after 7weeks form the last hair cut.

  • Length on the bottom of back head
  • Silhouette at the back
  • Hair weight

1−1. Bottom of back head

bottom back head

Bottom of back head would probably be the part changes the most in short hairstyles.

Length of the undercut part grew and it lost its shape.

When the silhouette or the look changes at the bottom of back head, that’s when the hair needs to be maintained.

That way, style will look and stay nice and manageable all the time.

2−2. Silhouette at the back of head


Roundness at the back of head creates the shape and it makes short hair nice but it can easily loose its shape when the hair grows.

The style on the right, undercut and roundness at the back is creating an impression of uniqueness and also softness.

And with the inverted bob silhouette, it’s adding sharpness and elegance.

There is no shape at the bottom of back head in the style on the right in the picture. That’s what happens when the hair grows.

2−3. Hair weight


Short hairstyles usually require the hair weight to be reduced in order to volumize the top, sharpen the bottom of back head, create the roundness at back.

These parts that have been texturized could cause the style to loose its balance and shape because of the hair growth.

Cutting hair regularly to keep the texture and the balance is very important to keep the shape and its look.

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