Undercut hairstyles for men part 2

undercut example

Continuing from yesterday, here are 5 undercut hairstyle for all types of hair.

Mid-fade undercut

sides short long top 1

Tapered sides and back with long top.

This style can be worn in both casual and formal depends on how you style your hair.

He has a nice wavy hair that has enough volume that can hold by itself even the hair is long like this.

Matte wax or clay would be perfect to give hair a messy textured look for casual style.

Gel or pomade would also be great choice when making the style more formal. It gives hair a nice shiny look.

Classic laid top undercut

Short on top and shorter sides and back.

This style is perfect if your hair is thick and curly or wavy hair.

Length is always the key for curly or wavy hair when it comes to styling.

He has unruly hair at bottom of back head and cowlick at the front. 

This maybe the hairstyle you can try for your next haircut if you have ever struggled with styling your hair because of your strong curls and waves.

Style with gel to give a shiny look and show small strands would be a great choice.

Straight top undercut

He has very straight hair and he also has a cowlick at bottom of his back head.

We faded up to the point where his straight hair doesn’t stick too much. 

Texturized well to give his hair a soft look by reducing weight.

Medium hold wax to give a messy look or pomade or jelly product to create a nice soft texture with shiny appearance is recommended.

Mid-fade spiky top undercut

This is an another example of very straight hair.

Sides stick when the hair grows. That was his hair concern and something he was’t happy for.

We undercut and cut the top about the length still long enough but good length to play with.

Spiky look like him still needs the hair on top to be texturized. Reducing weight and texturizing to give hair a soft texture is important for clients in order to make them manage their hair well.

Gel would work great with this style.

High-fade long top undercut


Contrast of faded sides and back, and layered long top makes the hairstyle very unique and funky.

Sides are taper faded which matches his full grown beard.

Use clay to volumize the top layer and give some texture and movement.


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