This is exactly, why getting hair cut every 6 weeks is best for medium hairstyles

medium length haurcut

How medium hairstyles are different from short or long hairstyles is that many of medium length styles require to design the hair around shoulder. How the hair touches the shoulder, or how the face framing design to the shoulder looks. 

Medium hairstyles actually have as many parts that needs texturizing or designing as short hairstyles. And where there are lots to texturize, it means it needs to maintain to keep the shape or texture.

1. Medium Length

  • Bob
  • Lob
  • Medium layer
  • Wold layer

This is my client had a hair cut 6 weeks ago.

Let’s take a look at how the style changed in 6 weeks and how I cut her hair.

Medium layer
She has a beautiful straight hair. 
To give her hair some volume while keeping the thickness and density, we layered just on the very top section on one length lob.

Medium example

These 3 things below are the points will probable bring some changes around 6 weeks after the haircut.

  • Uneven grown ends
  • Volume on top
  • Hair thickness and increased hair weight

1−1. Uneven grown ends

medium ends

Nothing can stop the hair growth. So only way to get the even outline is to trim regularly.

Damages on medium hair such as UV or damage by pillow case could be more obvious to see than short hair.

Especially like her style, keeping the thickness and density at the bottom by blunt cutting, it will be obvious to see that the outline is not as straight and start to become unmanageable when the hair gets longer.

1−2. Volume on top


Layer on top is texturized to make her hair look soft and light.

The parts texturized will need to be maintained as the hair weight will be heavier and thinned ends will start to loose the shape just around 6 weeks.

3−3. Hair weight


Ends are the part which will start to look out of shape or unhealthy that needs a good maintain before the condition changes too much.

Whether the hair looks in good condition, healthy or beautiful is depends on how the hair weight increased.

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